Custom shock mounts

I started by making a 180* loop with my tube bender.

Then I notched out the ends with my tube notcher that I built.

I continued by putting two small pieces of tube in notches to end up perpendicular with the frame.

After bolting them to the frame I dicided to tie them into the old shock mount that I left on the frame from the narrow track axle. This prooved to be a very stout way to tie the shock tower to the frame. I started with a short length of tube, added a couple discs cut out with a hole saw, enlarged one hole to 1/2 inch( to slide over the threads) and the other to 5/8 inch( to slide over the shaft). Here you see it bolted in place before shock mount was bolted on.

Then came the the shock mount tabs. Here before I put a radius on them to look nice.

After the shock tabs were put on I made the tube to fit between the hoop and the old shock mount to give it more rigitity and to keep it from stress cracking the frame.