Rust Bucket

Installing a Ford 9"

This is a very easy install as long as you get the correct rear for your application. I am not sure what mine came out of, but is has a wms (Wheel mount surface) to wms of 58".


The only major item that needs to be changed when installing this are the spring perches. The stock location of the pertches on the axle that I got were a little wide. The rear of the CJ frame is quite narrow. I purchased a new set to replace the rusted out pieces that were on the axle. With the pinion angle set to align to the transfer case taking into account I tacked the perches to the axle. I then placed the axle under the Jeep to make sure my measurements were correct. Then I pulled it back out from under the Jeep and finish welding them. Below is a shot of the amount of tire stick out that I now have with using a set of wheels that are 10 inches wide. I have since changed this to run beadlocks wich were made out of 8 inch wide wheels.

This is an image showing how much farther the tires stick out after installing the axle.