The build continues

As the process continued more and more stuff was going to get done "While I had it apart". You can never plan completely for all of the needed upgrades that you will come across while doing such a large project. Many of the items I still have yet to do, but they had to be put on the back burner until money was not an issue.

Inside of tub Hurculined red.

Now I get to protect the inside of the tub with more Hurculiner but this time in red.

Roll cage front hoop getting test fit to be welded up.

After the Jeep is running again I plan on building the cage to hold the seats as in the picture below.

This is how I plan on building the cage for the front seats. New picture on its way.


This is the body protection I will be sporting on the outside of the body, from Poison Spyder Customs.


Flat skid plate that I made myself to take advantage of clocking my transfer case. I have a newer version in the works that will gain me an additional 2-3 inches of clearance.


Flat fenders with inner wheel well. These fenders a made from 1 1/4 inch dia.10 guage wall tube and 3/16 plate on top and sides.


Flat fenders on jeep before and after they were powder coated.